Dean sits down with Matthew McConaughey about his new book ‘Greenlights’

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For the past 27 years he’s been one of the most colorful and bankable movie stars in the world.    From his first movie, “Dazed and Confused” to his Oscar winning, “Dallas Buyers Club”,  Matthew McConaughey has moved effortlessly from comedies…to rom coms, dramas, and more.   At the same time, his private life was often splashed all over the headlines.  


In his new book,  “Greenlights”,  McConaughey talks his profession, his family and about how his life has been a series red lights, yellow lights, and green lights from which he’s learned valuable lessons.  

In a Chicago-exclusive one on one interview,  he talked with me on Zoom chat. 

Watch the full interview below.


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