CHICAGO — While the actor has taken part in a number of projects over the last few decades, it’s hard for his most famous movie not to come up.

Mark Hamill had that happen when talking with Dean Richards on his “A-List Interview” this week as he promoted his new action comedy movie “The Machine” on Tuesday morning.

Back in 1977, he appeared at the WGN studios in Chicago with Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford as part of a promotion tour for the original “Star Wars” movie that was released that year.

Dean showed him that photo during his Zoom interview – and believe it or not – he remembers the time in which he along with the co-stars in the original film in the iconic series visited with then WGN entertainment reporter Roy Leonard.

You can hear Mark’s recollections of his visit to Channel 9 almost 50 years ago to promote the original “Star Wars” in the video above.

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