CHICAGO — In a career that’s spanned five decades, he’s played a number of unique roles in a number of films throughout the years.

Now Nicolas Cage gets his shot to play one of the more iconic horror characters in cinema – Dracula.

That’s the Academy Award-winning actor’s latest project in the movie “Renfield,” which is set to be released in theatres on Friday. He plays the boss of R.M. Renfield, who is portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, as he tries to break free of Dracula’s control once and for all.

Before the film’s release, Cage talked about “Renfield” with Dean Richards on this edition of “Dean’s A-List Interview.” He also gave his memories of his time in Chicago as well during his long acting career.

You can watch Dean’s interview with Cage from the WGN Morning News on April 11 in the video above or below.

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