CHICAGO – It’s one of the more unique films to come out early in 2023 and certainly the title is catching people’s eye ahead of it’s release.

“Cocaine Bear” is a dark comedy based on a true story concerning an animal that ingests the drug that was thrown off a plane back in 1985. It’s set to be released in theatres on Friday, February 24 as audiences wonder what might be in store when it comes to this film.

Keri Russell is one of the stars of the film as she portrays Sari, and she took time to speak with Dean Richards on this edition of “Dean’s A-List Interview” on Monday’s WGN Morning News. The pair discussed a few topics a few days before the film’s release, including how she got involved with the project.

You can watch that segment from February 20’s “Dean’s A-List Interview” in the video above or below.

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