Chicago TV news legend Jim Tilmon dies at 86

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CHICAGO —Jim Tilmon, a longtime meteorologist, aviation expert, and talk show host on several TV stations in Chicago, has died.  

He was 86-years old.  

After becoming only the third African American pilot for American Airlines, and the fifth in the nation, Tilmon began hosting a TV talk show before becoming a weatherman.   

During that time, he’d become a respected spokesperson on all things aviation, including covering some of the biggest airline disasters of all time.  

He also hosted a longtime talk show, “Tilmon Tempo.” Tilmon retired from flying in 1994 and from TV in 2005. 

He died six months after his son, also named Jim Tilmon, died from kidney cancer.

On behalf of WGN News, our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Jim Tilmon.


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