Day 3 of tornado clean-up in southwest suburbs


WOODRIDGE, Ill. — Another day of clean-up Wednesday for people living in the southwest suburbs.

Several side streets are now clear of tree limbs, but there is still a lot more to be done.

Those in hard hit Woodridge spent Tuesday like they did the day before, cleaning up the devastating mess left behind from Sunday night’s tornado.

Resident Randy Moore says this is the fifth tornado he’s lived through in 68 years.

“Each time a tornado, I’m experiencing the same feeling. It’s not like a detachment,” said Moore.

The EF3 tornado with winds around 142 miles per hour ripped through Woodridge and ripped up about everything in it’s path. One hundred and forty homes were severely damaged, another 21 were destroyed.

Several businesses, including Skeleton Brewery in Woodridge, also sustained damage. While insurance will help, there are things money just can’t replace.

“From the beginning, we built so much of this ourselves. You look at the decorations and art on the wall, posters I collected for 20 years, these are my brothers vinyl collection that he’s had his whole life,” said Emily Slayton, Skeleton Key Brewery.

Along with what they built, so much of what they made had to be thrown away as well. Thousands of gallons of beer had to be thrown out, though some in the coolers was shipped to other breweries to be distributed.

Neighbors who never knew each other and likely would have never crossed paths, are now working together side-by-side in the path of Sunday’s tornado — helping where they are needed.

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