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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Two suburban police officers are being called heroes after saving a baby girl who nearly choked to death. The dramatic rescue was caught by the dash cam.

Last Thursday, the  18-month-old had stopped breathing and had no vital signs when officers arrived on the scene near Route 53 and Higgins Rd in Schaumburg.

Officer Bryan Poradzisz was first on the scene and is a certified emergency medical technician.  Officer Kevin O’Connor arrived seconds later. The paramedics were still on the way.

The officers start with the Heimlich maneuver but with the child still unresponsive and now turning blue, they quickly moved to CPR. When that did not work, they realize they needed to clear the baby’s airway.  They cleared it by doing what is called a “finger sweep” of her mouth and airway.  The child began breathing and regained consciousness.

Paramedics arrived and the baby was handed over to paramedics.  She was assessed at an area hospital and is back with her family  doing just fine.