Dart criticizes conceal and carry permits laws

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Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart spoke out today criticizing how Illinois residents will soon be able to apply for permits to let them carry guns that are concealed.

Dart fears lawmakers in Springfield failed miserably when they crafted the law and its previsions concerning who will be allowed to receive a license to carry concealed firearms.

“I don’t know if the legislature could have conceivably made a more dysfunctional, confusing law if that’s what they had set out to do,” he said.

Dart will be issuing blanket objections to the board, of applicants who have records in at least three areas.

“Anybody who has one or more arrests for gun possession, anyone who has one or more arrests for domestic violence, or anyone who has one or more arrests for gang offense,” he said.

Dart also said, there’s another group of applicants who don’t need to have concealed weapons.

“You could be someone with no criminal record whatsoever – no arrests for anything but you suffer from mental illness.”

Dart did not say it directly, but he’s hinting that through this process, someone is going to end up with a handgun who shouldn’t have one – slipping right through the net.

What can he do to stop it? He says he really does not know.

“My hope has been that the State Police would do the objecting on my behalf and I would be relatively appeased in that area. As far as what I would do with regard to the mental issue, I honestly at this point don’t know,” Dart said.

Dart has to make a decision soon because the first applications will be on his desk January 5th, 2014.



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