Treacherous driving conditions

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The cold is bad everywhere, but here in Kane County the problem is only exacerbated by the wind.  Overnight and into the morning, white-out conditions when the snow wasn’t even falling.  We’re told, once the sun goes down–these unlit streets will be treacherous at best.

Lt. Pat Gengler does not want a repeat of last night’s white-out in Kane County.  A storm that continued into the late morning. Cold and drifting snow –drifting even higher he says as winds howled in the open terrain well west of Chicago.  Farmland stops nothing, he says, and leaves in some places 10 foot drifts.

Problems even more obvious today on I-57.  Cars in ditches pepper the shoulder as drivers struggle to stay in play.  Abandonment for those victimized by the storm, for everybody else, relief they made it through in one piece.  Their engines still running, their headlights still pointed in the right direction.

I-55 and I-80 not immune either.  SUV’s, semis and every other vehicle on the road at risk when the wind kicks up and the pavement disappears.

Kane County had some areas with snow drifts comparable to those seen in the Blizzard in 2011. While things are on the calm side now–they expect that to change with nightfall.

People driving need to expect to be stranded in their cars and be prepared to be there for some time.   Once roads become impassable even emergency crews may not get to you.  


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