CHICAGO — Dakotah Earley is back home after spending four months in the hospital from being shot at close range during an armed robbery on May 6 in Lincoln Park.

Earley, 23, was shot near Webster and Wayne Avenue when a man, stepped out from behind a building, pointed a gun at him, and demanded his cell phone. A struggle ensued and Earley was robbed and then shot three times in the back and head.

The aspiring young chef had to undergo several surgeries and procedures for his injuries, including getting a portion of his leg amputated.

Earley’s mother, Joy Dobbs, tweeted, “It’s been a long day and night, hell it’s been a journey and God has made sure we can be here to tell the story. #DakotaEarley is home.”

Tyshon Brownlee, 19 is charged with attempted murder and armed robbery in the shooting.