Dad locks up daughter to keep her from drugs

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TORONTO, Ca – A Canadian father locks up his 16-year-old daughter at home in order to prevent her from buying illegal drugs.

The young teen, Paige O’Leary, admits she’s addicted to cocaine and Xanax. But in a recent incident while locked at home, O’Leary found a hidden cell phone and called 911.

Officers responded to the call, arriving at O’Leary’s home and picking her up.

Constable Corey McAree, the officer who works with youth in the area told CNN, “if they’re over 16, there’s nothing we can do to make that youth stay, they have the freedom to go at any point in time if they wish.”

While Paige’s father, Sean O’Leary, understands keeping his daughter locked up at home is illegal, he was willing to do so anyway, hoping that such measures would be enough to protect his daughter from endangering her life with such hard drugs.

The father founded a support group called ‘We the Parents,’ and is opening up about his daughter’s story saying that, “by holding them in your house and not letting them out to do drugs, you’re breaking the law. Any options as a family you’re left with requires us to break the law. In order to help our 16-year-old kid who is, in my opinion as her father, at times close to death… it’s a scary situation for families and for everybody.”

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