Cyclist’s cross-country trips honor a fallen friend, raise breast cancer awareness

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Crossing the entire continental United States is a long way to go- especially for a guy who doesn’t even like to bike.

“I can’t believe I finally made it!” Brent Bundy said Thursday.

Bundy has been biking since June, and after traveling from Oregon to New York, he dipped his tire in the Atlantic Ocean Thursday afternoon to celebrate.

While it’s satisfying – it’s not the first time Bundy has completed such a trek. This was actually the fifth time he’s crossed the country, honoring his dear friend Gina, who died from breast cancer 2004.

“It was so devastating to lose her. If she would’ve known earlier, she might be here with us today,” Bundy said.

It’s easy to spot Bundy as he crosses the country to raise breast cancer awareness. His shirt and shoes are hot pink, and his bike is covered in signs. His saddle bags are painted with the names of those who battled breast cancer- some who won their fights, and others who did not.

It’s all to encourage people to get tested for cancer early, and improve their own chances of survival.


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