Customer linked to race-related incident at Buffalo Wild Wings was known by staff for racist comments, Naperville police report says

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — A customer at the center of a race-related incident at a Buffalo Wild Wings made racist comments to restaurant employees in the past, according to a Naperville police report.

The redacted report, obtained by the Naperville Sun, details the investigation into the incident at the restaurant on 75th Street near Route 59.

The investigation began after a group of 18 people, some of whom were multiracial and African American, went to the Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate a child’s birthday on Oct. 26. The group said they were asked by staff to move because a man didn’t want to sit near black people.

The report said the man — described as having a swastika tattoo — had been a regular at the restaurant for the last two or three years.

A restaurant manager also told police that several employees had reported past inappropriate conduct from the same person.

“If someone other than a Caucasian employee would bring them food, (redacted) would refuse the food and send it back to the kitchen,” the police report stated.

According to the reports, the man told police that the restaurant employees “had heard him make racist jokes and comments in the past.” He said some members of the staff “took it upon themselves to tell the large group of (redacted) that they needed to move due to (redacted) being a racist.”

In a written statement, one of the employees blamed miscommunication by the staff for the incident.

Naperville police said they have found no evidence of a hate crime and no charges were filed.

The customer described in the report has been banned from the restaurant, and two employees have been fired.


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