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EAGLE, Colo. — A Cubs Minor League Baseball player was arrested in Colorado after police found Oxycodone pills and 21 pounds of meth in his duffel bag.

Jesus Carmago Corrales, 25, was arrested Wednesday in Eagle, Colorado after police pulled him over when they saw his car speeding and drifting in and out of his lane.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said they searched the car and their K-9 took interest to the car’s rear wheel well and also under the rear seat. After further searching, police found the driver’s duffel bag, which was covered with essential oils. Inside the bag was 21 pounds of meth, 1.2 pounds of Oxycodone pills, several baseball gloves, cleats and $1,000 in cash.

There were two other people in the car during the search and police said they were released after they determined they had no knowledge of the drugs.

Carmargo Corrales now faces several felony drug charges. His bond was set at $75,000.