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CHICAGO – Whenever a new player comes into the a clubhouse, the key is to try and find a way to fit in quickly.

That can be especially challenging for a player who comes into a situation in which locker room chemistry is extremely good. Getting along with teammates is a key component for this new player, sometimes even as much as their play on the field.

You could say that Justin Wilson did that as he joined the Cubs in a trade from the Tigers on Monday. When he joined the bullpen for the first time on Tuesday, he quickly joined in one of their traditions and in the process started off a good week for the team’s resident performers.

After a homer by Ian Happ in the second inning of the Cubs game against the Diamondbacks, Wilson was quick to join in a bullpen tradition after the blast.

The Cubs’ Twitter account posted this video of Wilson getting right in the middle of the dance circle and showing off his moves for his new teammates as a celebration for the blast. The performance caught the attention of a number of people on Social Media and earned praise from a number of fans.

Then on Thursday, it got even better.

This time during a rain delay on Thursday, the Cubs and the Diamonbacks had their own “Dance Off” as the teams waited for a pair of rain delays to clear. From masks to dances to bowling, both teams pulled out all the stops.