CTA fires two workers, suspends two others in runaway Blue Line train crash

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Two CTA workers have been fired and two more are suspended over that runaway el train that left dozens of blue line passengers injured.

The CTA said the workers used improper maintenance techniques, which  contributed to the bizarre accident. An investigation revealed that workers leaving the train powered-up while it was at the Forest Park rail yard is the cause of incident. But the rail workers union said  he’s being made a scapegoat for what has long been a common practice. They said the switch-man did nothing wrong and followed CTA policy.

A supervisor responsible for the rail yard got two weeks suspension without pay and the switch-man who left the train’s power on got a three-day suspension.

Thirty people suffered minor injuries when the empty train hit another at the Harlem station. Another lawsuit has been filed a woman and her granddaughter, who say there were injured, are seeking $200,000 in damages.


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