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A big drop in serious crime on the city’s mass transit system and the CTA says you can thank its newly-installed system of surveillance cameras. Or can you?

The network of crime-fighting cameras in the city has reached the level of enormous. The question is- who’s watching them?

More cameras, less crime is the city’s mantra these days. However, others see it a little differently– something along the lines of: more cameras, fewer security personnel.

There are now cameras on more than 800 CTA trains, buses and at L stations, for a total of 23,000 camera system wide.

But can any city effectively monitor that much video?

CTA brass and the mayor insist numbers don’t lie. They say the crime stats show it’s working, with overall crime down 26 percent, including 55 fewer robbers and 144 fewer thefts, in the first three months of the year.