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CHICAGO — CTA Brown and Orange Line riders are being re-routed downtown Monday evening as work on the Brown Line meant to be completed over the weekend continues through rush hour.

“Orange and Brown lines continue to be rerouted to operate as one line between Western (Brown) and Midway, via Loop, due to construction on the Brown Line that has extended into today,” the CTA posted on Twitter Monday at 4:19 p.m.

The construction caused problems for the morning commute Monday, and now has extended into the afternoon rush.

Additionally, Brown Line service was suspended over the weekend from Kimball to Western for track work. That service suspension was scheduled to be lifted today at 4 a.m., but is still in place. Shuttle buses replace rail service between Western and Kimball.

The CTA said workers encountered some unanticipated underground utility infrastructure over the weekend and its removal required additional time.  It doesn’t yet know how long the service suspension will have to remain in place, but is hoping it will end later Monday.

In the meantime, bus shuttles will be in place between Kimball and Western.  In addition, because the Brown Line trains cannot turn around at the Kimball Yard, they are turning around at the Midway Yard along the Orange Line.

This means that riders may have to switch trains or board on a different platform than usual. Here’s how the CTA is explaining all the changes:

Brown Line service to Loop / Orange Line to Midway
After leaving Merchandise Mart, Loop-bound Brown Line trains will be routed onto the Outer Loop (counterclockwise) track and make all stops from Washington/Wells through Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren and then as an Orange Line train from Roosevelt through Midway.

Brown Line riders wishing to reach Loop stations along Lake and Wabash can stay on a train to Roosevelt and change, across the platform, for an inbound Orange/Brown Line train or consider Red or Purple Line trains into downtown.

For Orange Line trains toward Midway from downtown, board on the Brown Line side at stations on Loop at Washington/Wells, Quincy, LaSalle/Van Buren or HW Library, only. From stations on Lake or Wabash, take a Green Line train to Roosevelt and change to an Orange Line train (same platform).

Orange Line service to Loop / Brown Line toward Kimball*
After leaving Roosevelt, Loop-bound Loop-bound Orange Line trains will be routed onto the Outer Loop (counterclockwise) track and make all stops from Adams/Wabash through Clark/Lake and then as a Brown Line train from Merchandise Mart through Western, only.

Orange Line riders wishing to reach Loop stations on Wells and Van Buren can change at Adams/Wabash or Washington/Wells to a Pink Line train (other platform).

For Brown Line trains toward Kimball* from downtown, board Brown Line trains at their usual platforms at Adams/Wabash, Washington/Wabash, State/Lake and Clark/Lake. From stations on Wells or Van Buren, take a Purple Line Express train to any station as far as Belmont and change for a Brown Line train toward Kimball (same platform).