Crowd protests hospital shut down, says neighborhood needs medical help

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Days from now Roseland Community Hospital will stop taking patients and will prepare to close its doors.  28,000 people went through its doors last year. The people running it say its time for the state to pitch in.

Protestors filled the sidewalk outside the hospital today. 560 jobs will be lost is the hospital shuts down and the neighborhood, mostly a poor, minority population on the far south side, will have to drive eight miles to the next closet hospital for care.  Many of the patients at the hospital represent the uninsured or the under-insured.

The hospital’s CEO is blaming the governor for not paying $7 million in debt it owes the hospital. The governor’s office says it owes Roseland, which is a private institution, no money and accused them of mismanagement. Gov Quinn does not think hospital administrators have laid out a sustainable plan for the facility. A taxpayer bailout is not an option, his spokesperson claims.

The governor’s office says it has met with officials at Roseland over the past 6 weeks yet no plan has been determined that could keep Roseland open.


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