Crossing guard reunited with quick-thinking cop who helped save her life

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CHICAGO — It was supposed to be a routine morning as Officer Mary Ellen Meuris parked near St. John Fisher School on 103rd Street, which she does just about every morning to keep drivers from speeding as kids walk to school.

Then Meuris said she suddenly heard someone yelling her name, and looking over, saw a crossing guard named Melissa drop and lose consciousness in the middle of the street. Just as quickly as it happened, Meuris stepped in and started CPR.

“When I turned her over I couldn’t feel a pulse,” Meuris said. “I truly believed we were at a scary point.”

The pair walked into a 22nd district press conference Monday holding hands. Once inside, Melissa said she was  grateful someone was there to help, and thanked Meuris, other officers, and bystanders who helped.

“The last thing I remember is going across the street to start getting ready for when the kids started arriving,” the crossing guard said. “I was overwhelmed that someone jumped in.”

Officer Meuris said she’s grateful for the many others who stepped in to assist, including other officers and two people just walking by.

“If these two civilians get this message, I would like to thank you and Melissa would like to thank you,” Meuris said.


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