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CHICAGO — Authorities are searching for an alligator in the Humboldt Park lagoon.

Police, state conservation officers and city animal control officials were all called to try to find the elusive reptile Tuesday.

At least two people say they saw an alligator swimming in the lagoon’s murky water Tuesday morning.

Later in the day, police tweeted they confirmed the alligator was in the lagoon.

Police said the alligator will be “humanely trapped” and relocated to a zoo for evaluation.

Authorities are asking anyone who sees the alligator to call Animal Control. They are also warning residents to beware around the water and take care with small children and dogs near the water.

Police said they are still investigating.

The beach is currently open and there are no closures. But police are asking people to stay out of the water.

Ren Horst-Ruiz said he was at the lagoon around 6:30 a.m. and took pictures of the alligator he shared with WGN News.  He said the animal appeared to be about 4 feet to 5 feet long.



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