CHICAGO — On Tuesday, city and private construction crews were busy going in and out of a plot of land in Brighton Park as a spot for a camp to house migrants.

The site near 38th Street and California Avenue would be used as a winterized camp.

“We were never notified about something like this and they never asked for our opinion,” a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous said. “This just happened.”

Residents said over the years, the neighborhood has been improving and thriving with new developments.

Now they’re worried it’ll go in the opposite direction.

“My initial thoughts that crime would increase, that loitering would increase,” a neighbor said.

The vacant lot is privately owned and managed by the Sanchez Group.

It was previously used as a trailer truck parking lot.

The 12th Ward Ald. Julia Ramirez is aware city departments have been working on the site to determine the feasibility of the location.

She said if the water department approves it, it will be moving forward.

“We have no idea how much they’re living here,” a neighbor said. “Two months? Two years? Who knows?”

WGN-TV reached out to Ramirez’s office and asked if she proposed this location to the mayor’s office. We are awaiting a response.

There is a community meeting scheduled next Tuesday at Kelly High School to discuss the plans and gather feedback from residents.

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