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CHICAGO — Hundreds of students have walked out of their classes this morning at several Chicago high schools.

The principal at Forman High School tells WGN News five teachers and three staff members were laid off today because enrollment was lower than anticipated.

The walk-out was organized by Chicago Public School students to protest these layoffs.

Students walked out of the classroom at 10 a.m.  The carried signs and marched to show of support for their teachers, some of whom were laid off today.

Students at Roosevelt High School  were joined by teenagers from Forman High School.

Four high schools in  total were involved and Facebook was used to get the word out.

Mayor Emanuel heard the students’ plea. Today, he blamed state lawmakers for CPS teacher layoffs.

“I hope Springfield hears their message. It’s time for Springfield to deal with three inequity in funding as it relates to our schools and our students verses the schools and students throughout the state of Illinois,” he said.

Chicago Public Schools had warned that some 5,000 pink slips could go out by Thanksgiving if Springfield did not help bail out the district.

CPS is in the hole $480 million.

Today’s layoffs follow cuts made over the summer when CPS made a large payment to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.