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CHICAGO — CPS employees are accused of stealing resources meant for students.

An investigation by the Inspector General found they took more than $250,000 in gift cards over three years.

One principal stole gift cards and other materials for students with special needs.

Another principal used $22,000 in school funds for personal purchases at Costco and Apple stores.

Funds were used at another school for a “teacher’s lunch club” that included lobster, shrimp and steak.

“This behavior is completely unacceptable and it’s important to note that none of those employees are currently with the district anymore,” said acting CPS CEO Janice Jackson on WGN Morning News Wednesday morning.

Jackson said the gift cards will still be used as motivation for students.

“Almost all of our employees do this with integrity, and they use the gift cards as they are intended to be used,” she said. “Unfortunately, there are a few bad actors, but I think the good news here is that through this investigation, they were caught and they were dealt with accordingly. And again, it speaks to our commitment around integrity and making sure that the public can really trust the district. That’s important to me.”