CPS changes entrance exam for top schools

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The Chicago Public School system is changing the entrance exam for students who want to enroll in the district’s most selective schools.

Until now, CPS has used the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, or I-SAT, to determine who gets in and who doesn’t; and many kids have spent a lot of time and money to prepare for the I-SAT.

But now, the school system will instead rely on the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress test, known as NEWS-MAP; the first test under the new system is in May.
Some seventh-graders are complaining that the school system announced the change too late in the school year.

Sixth and eighth-graders applying thus year for the coveted seats will not be affected by the new testing regimen; neither will  students in the competitive seventh- and eighth-grade programs offered by some top-ranking high schools, or applicants to selective-enrollment high schools.


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