CPS cancels PSATs as stakes of strike rise for teachers and students

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CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools is canceling PSAT assessments scheduled for October 30 regardless of whether the strike ends before then, multiple schools announced Tuesday night.

As the Chicago Teachers’ Union’s walkout surpasses the length of the 2012 strike in its ninth day, the stakes are getting higher for both teachers and students.


CPS teachers are already going without pay, but will also lose health insurance at the end of the month. If they’re still on strike come Friday, they’ll have to pay pricey COBRA rates to keep coverage.

“It’s tough and it’s a lot of pressure because it’s been almost two weeks doing all of this,” said Maribel Moreno, Hurly Elemtary School. “We’re standing strong and we’re not giving in.”

Students have become collateral damage of the battle between the district and the teachers’ union as well.

More college entrance exams could be canceled, and early admission deadlines are just days away.

Many post-season sports have also been forfeited, with volleyball, cross country, tennis and golf seasons all cut short. Football teams could suffer the same fate if students aren’t back in school tomorrow.

There’s only an 8-day cushion in the CPS schedule, so the district is considering adding days at the end of the school year to make up for class time.


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