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CHICAGO — Chicago’s 14th police district hosted a catalytic converter spray painting event at Fullerton and California in Chicago’s Northwest side Sunday afternoon.

Volunteers painted the catalytic converters of fifty cars a neon pink to make the exhaust system part less desirable to thieves.

Chicago Police Department data shows the number of catalytic converter thefts have nearly tripled this year.

Catalytic converters are valuable for precious metals which can be sold for hundreds of dollars on the black market.

For car owners, repairs could cost thousands of dollars and with supply chain issues, they could end up waiting months at a time for replacement parts.

Niles and Evanston have also held similar events.

The district’s commander says time will tell if events like this prove effective. It is open to 14th district residents only.

Openings are still available for next catalytic converter spray painting event on September 19 at Drummond Montessori Magnet School.

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