CHICAGO — The controversial commander of the Chicago Police Department’s Narcotics Division was demoted Tuesday and reassigned to one of the department’s 22 patrol districts.

Jason Brown, commander of Narcotics since December 2020, was demoted to lieutenant on Tuesday, according to a CPD spokesperson.

CPD sources said Brown was reassigned to the Deering District, which covers Bridgeport, McKinley Park, Chinatown and Back of the Yards, sources said.

Brown currently faces three separate lawsuits brought against him by subordinate officers. Two of those lawsuits allege that Brown retaliated against two CPD sergeants when they voiced concerns over his misallocation of CPD resources during the unrest and looting that roiled the city in summer 2020.

A third lawsuit alleges that Brown pressured an officer to lie about the circumstances of a public records inquiry. When that officer refused to make a false statement, Brown allegedly hampered that officer’s career prospects by blocking his selection to an elite federal task force.

Brown, a member of the CPD since 1997, was the acting commander of Narcotics in late May and early June 2020 when the city was grappling with widespread looting and violence in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer.

As the CPD worked to restore order across the city, Brown allegedly ordered a team of officers to guard his typically quiet block for six days. Brown was formally promoted to commander of Narcotics in December 2020.

The three lawsuits are still pending.