Coyotes may help fight Chicago’s rat problem

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CHICAGO — Coyotes may help fight against the city’s rat problem.

Alderman Brian Hopkins, Ward 2, is pushing a policy on how to respond to coyote sightings.

Hopkins says the animals have no interest in garbage cans, and instead like to hunt rats, rodents and Canadian geese.

“If someone just sees a coyote and they call 911 to report it, or even 311, they’ll be told ‘There’s no problem there.’ If the animal’s not behaving aggressively, we don’t have to respond, we don’t have to send a crew out there. If the animal is growling, bearing its teeth, acting in an aggressive manner, in those circumstances, we will respond appropriately and remove that animal,” said Hopkins.

The full City Council is expected to consider the policy in June.

There are about 2,000 coyotes in Cook County.


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