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Governor Rauner recently signed into law legislation that is designed to protect elementary students from the dangers of concussions.

Currently in youth football a test is being used to prevent and diagnose concussions.

The King-Devick test was developed by an optometrist in the Chicago area in the 1970’S and was originally designed to diagnose reading problems with students. But in recent years it has been adopted to diagnose concussions in sports and has received backing of the Mayo Clinic.

Some people think it should be used by every player at every sporting event amateur and pro.

The King-Devick test has been this pre-season by some NFL teams. Some NHL teams used it last year. College programs such as Notre Dame and Florida use it as well.
The test can be administered as for as little as $2.00 per athlete per school. It should be used as the initial indicator and in combination with subsequent tests at a hospital or doctor’s office.

The test uses the eyes as a window to the brain and it can be a real life saver.  WGN’s Patrick Elwood has more.