‘This fairytale went another way’: Dolton woman grieving loss of husband after she donated kidney to him

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DOLTON, Ill. – A Dolton woman is grieving the loss of her husband after they were perfect matches for his kidney donation earlier this year.

Marques Johnson, a Pop Warner coach and administrator, was suffering from failing kidneys.

He had no luck finding a donor, until his wife, Viola Johnson, who is a nurse, volunteered to be tested.

It’s extremely rare for unrelated living adults to match, and there’s even a smaller chance that a kidney match will come from your spouse.

But after testing, they found they were indeed compatible for a transplant.

She donated one of her kidneys to him and the story of his life-threatening medical challenge seemed like it would have a happy ending.

But Viola would soon find out that real life doesn’t always have a storybook endings.

WGN’s Mike Lowe has the heartbreaking story.


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