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In the 60’s, political protestors staged sit-ins. In 2017, some political protests are taking the form of knit-ins. As WGN’s Nancy Loo reports, this is the story of the power of pink, community, and a common cause.

If you’d like to attend a knit in at Knit 1 on Sunday, January 8th or 15th, please call them to reserve a space.  773-244-1646  3856 N. Lincoln Ave. And it’s not too late to buy a bus ticket to Washington D.C. for the march on the 21st.  You can find the pattern as well as answers to other questions about knitting or the march at the links below.  And please feel free to share this story on social media.

Producer Pam Grimes and Photojournalist Brad Piper contributed to this report