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We introduced you to Dr. Patrick Angelo last year.  The suburban dentist had been feeding the homeless on Lower Wacker for 13 years.  He used his own money to buy food and clothing.  He delivered the goods at least once a week.  His efforts made such an impact that now the homeless on that hidden stretch of road know him by name.

After our WGN story aired a year ago, people started to reach out and help.  Many traveled to Lower Wacker to make their own donations.  While Dr. Angelo did what he could to help, Curlene West-Hastings was also moved to lend a helping hand.  She has become the second angel on Lower Wacker.  In fact, Dr. Angelo calls her Chicago’s Mother Teresa because of her ongoing commitment to Chicago’s homeless.

Curlene says, “I think it’s something that God has put inside of me.  I would rather be with the people that need me.”

The two have partnered up with other organizations and are now covering Lower Wacker and other locations every night of the week.  Their long term plan is to expand the program and offer job training and educational opportunities to the homeless.