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CHICAGO — Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center touts a new approach to addiction recovery in being less rigid than traditional treatment centers.

Motivated by a family member’s addiction, Chicago businessman Bryan Cressey founded the center a little over a year ago.

“I’m passionate about it because I’ve seen it in extended family and I’ve also recognized I can make this work,” Cressey said. “This is something I can do to save lives and transform lives.”

Cressey privately funds the center with a budget of just under a million dollars.  He expects the center to help 1200 people in this year.

“Most treatment facilities are like: ‘This is the way it works’,” said Kyle Dunn who had been battling opioid addiction all of his life.  Dunn got to Above and Beyond and noticed a difference right away and he was offered a job.

“I’m a certified addiction professional and a recovery coach and I keep this place on its feet daily,” said Dunn. “I know that when I come here I’m needed and it feels really good.”

Cressey hopes to raise enough donations and gain government grants so he can open up more centers around Chicago.

To find out more about Above and Beyond head to their website.