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CHICAGO — A young veteran of the U.S. Navy returned home to Chicago after more than five years away with a big dream.

Englewood native Dion Dawson set up his nonprofit, Dion’s Chicago Dream at West 57th Street and Racine Avenue.

Each day, Dawson goes to the market early in the morning to stock a fridge with fresh fruit, vegetables, and water.

It’s free for anyone in need.

It is just the beginning of his dream of helping his community, a community known more for shootings and gang violence than apples and bananas.

But it’s a welcome gift to those who need it most and who might go hungry without him.

Dawson said his time in the Navy made him good at quickly adapting to whatever life throws his way but also expanded his horizons.

Dawson’s Chicago Dream is starting small, but he has big plans.

He said he’ll open a community center in the neighborhood, intended to help anyone in need of a workspace or a place to inspire others so they can achieve their dreams.