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CHICAGO — Mothers in prison.

The children they leave behind.

And, the caregivers who step in to help when fathers often are not in the picture.

In this WGN-TV Cover story, reporter Gaynor hall takes you on a bittersweet ride that shows inmates aren’t the only ones being punished.

A previous version of the “Reunification Ride” program was suspended because of state budget cuts. Now, they exist entirely through donations. Each trip for 50 people costs about $2500. And they hope to raise enough money for two buses in May for Mother’s Day. Most of those children could not afford to travel downstate to see their mothers without the program. You can find out much more by clicking these links.

Producer Pam Grimes and Photojournalists Reed Nolan and Vince Tagle contributed to this report.

(Mother’s Day Fundraiser)

(Nehemiah Trinity Rising)