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They say you find love in strange places. And that proved to be true for James Thompson and Coretta Broomfield. They fell in love while getting treated for drug addiction at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center.

Thompson started using heroin after his first marriage fell apart. Broomfield began using when she was 22 years old and had been hooked for 25 years. Both of them say they were at their worst when they got to Above and Beyond.

“Doing drugs period, it takes you away from your family,” said Broomfield. “You isolate yourself. It pulls you away from reality.”

Broomfield and Thompson say they’ve been in love for four months. Even with the short time frame they’re confident their love is lasting.

But in many programs, intimate relationships within the first year of recovery is a no no.
The counselors here say they think this couple can handle the challenges and they give their blessing.

“We don’t have any absolutes here,” said Dan Hostetler, Director at Above and Beyond recovery Center. “We offer our clients to choose their own programs.”

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