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CHICAGO — Two children’s book authors are finding inspiration in each other. They’ve self-published their work, a trend that has been growing over the last few years with more platforms set up to make it simple.

Natasa Zoubouridis enlisted the help of 11-year-old Riley Preston, who wrote his own children’s book at the age of 9. Zoubouridis was a production assistant with the former WGN “Man of the People” comedy show.  She decided to make the leap from comedy to writing.

“I was too terrified because I thought you needed to have an agent — a marketing budget. But it’s so easy to self-publish,” Zoubouridis said.

Riley Preston wrote “Kindness…Pass It On” with the help of his mother. He’s now working on a second book about perseverance. 

Below are Amazon links to find both their books:

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