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CHICAGO – Even if their physical wounds heal, Chicago’s youngest gun violence victims are still dealing with emotional scars.

“Our children are so much more than their trauma,” said Dr. Mashana Smith, a clinical psychologist at Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Center for Childhood Resilience, who specializes in school-based mental health interventions.

In this WGN-TV Cover Story, reporter Gaynor Hall and photojournalist Michael D’Angelo reconnect with a young survivor 5 years after a bullet devastated his family.

“Everybody just put the guns down and stop,” said Shamaree Bynum, 11.

Shamaree is growing up. His mother thinks often of those who don’t get the chance.

“It is so, so heartbreaking,” said Sheena Godfrey. “When I read about it, especially about kids, it always takes me back to that day. I always think it could have been me. I could have been a mother with a murdered child.”

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