Chicago woman fights through legal limbo in hopes of bringing mother back to U.S.

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CHICAGO – The COVID-19 pandemic and rapidly changing immigration rules are putting immigrants who follow the rules in a legal limbo. 

The unclear laws regarding green cards, visas and entry into the U.S. are having a devastating impact on families across the Chicago area.

Jennifer Flores, a US citizen, was sponsoring her mother, Margarita Alvarado, for citizenship herself. The process started in 2017 and Flores believed everything was going through as planned.

When her mother went back to Mexico for a quick trip in 2019, Flores believed that she would be able to get back. But Alvarado has not been allowed back into the United States since then because of a 1993 trip in which she brought two children. 

Meanwhile, Flores’ 85-year-old grandmother, who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, is suffering from a number of medical conditions.  

Flores’ battle to get her mom back has gotten the attention of Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, as she searches for a way to bring her mom back to the United States. 

Now, they’re filling out forms so the lawmakers can get involved in the effort to bring Alvarado home


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