Artist tells Chicago: ‘You Are Beautiful’

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CHICAGO – There’s an art project with a purpose installations popping up all over Chicago.

You may have seen those signs around town that say “You are beautiful.”

The phrase is bolted on fences, painted on murals, and printed on signs and stickers all over Chicago.

Lincolnwood artist Matthew Hoffman started the “You Are Beautiful” movement 15-years ago as a way to remind people that they have value, and to send positive vibes to a city that is often mired in negativity.

The signs are made in a Chicago studio and shipped all over the world.

He says even though it’s just three little words, it adds up to one positive — and powerful — message.

“It’s all in the little moments,” Hoffman said.  “I’ve said this project, won’t change the world, but it will change someone’s world, and I think it will change someone’s world by those little moments, just little reminders to help you through your day.”

Hoffman says he’s printed nearly 3 million “You are beautiful” stickers so far and the installations are up in neighborhoods around Chicago.

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