Bullied homeless man brings Bible to life with ‘wooden diamonds’

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With some old tools, and Elmer’s glue, an artist brought the Bible to life  in a remarkable way.

For 20 years, Ed Lantzer worked night and day in a warehouse to create mosaic murals of Biblical stories.

But there is no dye, stain, or paint used in these mosaics. Lantzer only used diamond-shape pieces of wood—made from 150 different kinds of trees.

His work is temporarily on display at Carmel High School in Mundelein.

The exhibit is called “My Father’s Love.”

His father taught him and his Heavenly Father inspired him.

Two million diamonds are used but the real value is the story. Like the mosaic, the story of his life struggles and his triumphs are woven together to bring the biblical lessons to life through his deep understanding of nature and faith.

He said a dream inspired his creation, which communicates a spiritual message, not just through the art, but also through the powerful story behind his difficult life.

As a child, he came down with Scarlet Fever, which impacted his brain. He slowly found it more difficult to write or even draw.

As the years went by, anger and alcohol sent his life spiraling out of control.

What made Ed feel most at home was reading the Bible and working in the workshop with his dad, who taught him how to turn wooden sticks into works of art.

His dad worked with squares— right angles — as several generations of family carpenters had before him. But he suggested that Ed, as an artist, find his own angle.

So, Ed came up with the diamond shape, and at age 53, began working on a project inspired by Da Vinci.

His artwork brings new light to how people view his dark past.

Ed hadn’t changed but his gift changed them.

Ed passed away in 2009.

With his art, he left one important rule, that no one would ever have to pay to see it.

If you’d like to read more about Ed’s remarkable story you can find his memoir called “The Mural Writer” by Lashelle van Houten.

And for information on tours at Carmel High School log on to myfatherslove.info

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