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CHICAGO — Since Oct. 29, 2016, Mary Latham has been traveling the country trying to find stories of kindness in all 50 states.

It all started the day of the Sandy Hook massacre, when she and her mother shared a discouraging conversation about the tragedy. Somewhere in the sadness, Latham mentioned that a man in a Starbucks near her office had bought coffee for everyone in line behind him that morning.

“She said, ‘Mary, you have to focus on that coffee story you just told me, there’s always going to be tragedies that happen in our lives, but there’s always going to be more good if you look for it,’” Latham said of her mother, who died of breast cancer a short time later.

So she took her mom’s words to heart and has traveled 33,000 miles looking for “good stories” in every state in the U.S.

She was in Chicago to chronicle the story of two sisters who lost their father to kidney failure, and decided to donate their own kidneys to those in need of transplants.

She also met with Candice Payne, who famously personally picked up the tab for hotel rooms for the homeless during the brutal polar vortex and she also visited students at Glenbrook South High School.

Latham plans to write a book of her travels, then donate it to hospital waiting rooms.

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