Courthouse cell phone ban begins Monday

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Starting Monday if you are coming to the Cook County courthouse, you’ll have to check your cell phone at the door or as Circuit Chief Justice Timothy Evans would prefer, just leave it at home.

“Please leave it at home, let justice prevail this way,” he says.

Evans says the ban is necessary to stop courtroom intimidation.  He says people are misusing their phones to record judges, jurors and witnesses.

“They are taking photographs of witnesses attempting to intimidate them to convince them that this no snitch rule that’s occurring on a day by day basis outside should apply in the courtroom. We will not tolerate that,” he says.

Some people are exempt from the ban like judges, attorneys and those serving jury duty.  The court will have lockers for rent to store your phone, but there will be a limited number, which means if you don’t leave your phone at home, you’ll be turned away.


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