Couple finds ‘Hidden Cash’ donor’s loot in Millennium Park

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The original Twitter account behind the “Hidden Cash” craze brought the scavenger hunt to Chicago over the weekend.

Meredith and Joss Highmark from Wheaton were at the right place at the right time when they stumbled on an envelope taped to a trash bin in Millennium Park, Sunday morning. It had $60 inside. “It’s a cool way to share with other people,” said Meredith Highmark.

A real estate investor is reportedly behind the @hiddencash Twitter account. It started in San Francisco and spread to other cities.

On Sunday, the account tweeted a number of clues leading people to cash stashed at Millennium Park and Oz Park, and there could be more hidden envelopes in Chicago on Monday.

The account has spawned many charitable copycats, encouraging people who find the money to pay it forward.


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