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CHICAGO — Both Chicago airports are getting ready for surge of holiday travelers as omicron continues its surge across the country.

The millions traveling for the holiday will not only have to deal with long lines but also COVID-19.

More than 3 million people are expected to pass through Midway and O’Hare airports between now and Jan. 3. The city says that’s a nearly 170% from last year at O’Hare and 50% increase at Midway.

The International Air Transport Association says that the risk of getting Covid on board a plane remains low because, planes have hospital grade air filters. It’s all the other places you need to pass through to get to the plane. 

That said, the medical advisor to the world’s airlines says people flying could be two to three times more likely to catch Covid due to how contagious the omicron variant is. 

The best way to protect yourself is to be vaccinated and boosted. These next two weeks according to airline officials will be the busiest since the start of the pandemic with 6.4 million people flying — that’s triple last year’s numbers, and AAA reports 109 million people will travel for the holidays.

Even those who fly a lot say they are making some changes when it comes to keeping their masks in place for the whole flight. 

Health experts suggest people get tested before and after any holiday trips.

People can get a rapid test at O’Hare through the end of the year, but have to book an appointment online on this website: