‘This was like the flu times 100’: Aurora mayor recovering from COVID-19

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AURORA, Ill. — Aurora’s mayor is recovering after getting COVID-19. He said he’s had the flu before, but the last two weeks with the virus have been much worse in comparison.

Mayor Richard Irvin said COVID-19 was nothing like the flu.

“This was like the flu times 100,” he said.

Just a few weeks ago, he thought he had a cold. He thought it was nothing big, but then, the virus hit him hard.

“It started off with a severe headache,” the mayor said. “I had night chills. Night chills so intense that I would be totally drenched. I would take off my shirt and it felt like I had run it under water.”

The mayor said he had a serious fever and shakes. He said he was disorientated and dizzy.

“My feet would get so cold at night that there was no way to warm them up other than to wear shoes a couple nights in a row to keep my feet warm,” he said.

He said if he tried to breath deeply, he went into a coughing fit.

“I had to take shallow breathes,” he said. “It hurt so bad that my gums and my teeth and my eyeballs seemed to ache.”      

The mayor wanted to thank everyone who is staying at home and also said he wants people to take the virus seriously. 

“This was no joke,” he said. “This is for real and I want everybody to know that I can tell the story now that I’ve recovered but there are those who won’t get to tell that story because they won’t recover so I want people to take this seriously and know this is for real.”


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