Suburban woman forced to remove ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ sign over homeowners’ association rules


A homeowner in the southwest suburbs is angry after she was told her sign promoting social distancing isn’t allowed.

Bette Borse put a “Stay Home, Save Lives” sign in front of her house in Willowbrook.

She said a neighbor complained that it’s in violation of their homeowners’ association’s rules about signs.

An email from the property management firm said only political signs are allowed.

“We can have political signs, that’s OK, but you can’t have ‘save lives’ signs? I thought, to me, the priority would be lives over politics,” Borse said. “Hmmm… let me see: save lives or politics, save lives or politics? I’d go with save lives.”

The property management company said the homeowners’ association board would need to vote to allow more than political signs.


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