CHICAGO — A suburban couple were forced to spend ten days away from their newborn baby boy in the hospital after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Jessica and Jesse Olesen spent Christmas at home in Cary and two days later baby Jay was born early at 38 weeks.

Jay tested positive for COVID-19 after he was born. Both parents were then tested and Jessica was positive.

Hospital staff told Jessica she would have to leave and not see baby Jay for ten days.

The couple wanted Jessica and Jay to be able to isolate together since they were both positive.

“That interrupted the care he was supposed to be transferred for the continued evaluation for the neurological issue,” his parents said. “That’s what really made us uncomfortable on top of not being able to be with him or see him.”

The couple tried to argue that the CDC has recently shortened its quarantine guidelines from 10 days to five, but were told the hospital had their own policies.

On Monday, for the first time in ten days — Jessica was able to see Jay again.

“I was just up there and put him down he immediately started crying and I picked him back up he stopped to know he remembers me that bond is still there is so comforting to see,” said Olesen.