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CICERO, Ill. — Nearly three months after the vaccine roll out, City View Multicare Center residents and staff are still waiting for their shots.

The Cicero facility, located at 5825 W Cermak Road, is the largest skilled nursing facility in Illinois. People at long-term care facilities were among those at the front of the line for vaccines in December. 

City View has had 259 Covid cases and 19 deaths and has been the target of a lawsuit. Employees of the facility went on strike this past fall.

SEIU blames management for failing to enroll in a federal program to vaccinate people in nursing homes in partnership with major pharmacies. The program has been successful in reducing cases.

On Wednesday, the federal agency that regulates nursing homes said they could soon allow more visitors. Last spring, the town of Cicero sued City View accusing it of not following COVID-19 guidelines. The facility accused IDPH of not enforcing them.

In November, employees went on strike for 12 days over pay, working conditions and lack of PPE. Union steward Shantonia Jackson says she’s asked managers repeatedly about vaccines.

Some employees are working on their own trying to get shots at other locations including the United Center. 

The Cook County Department of Health released the following statement:

“The Cook County Department of Public Health recently launched a mobile vaccination program to equitably and efficiently vaccinate the residents of suburban Cook County. On Sunday, March 14, 2021, a mobile vaccination team from CCDPH partner Chicago Internal Medical Practice and Research (CIMPAR) will begin vaccinating the residents and staff of City View Multi-Care Center. All residents and staff of City View are expected to be vaccinated by Sunday, March 21.”

Don Bolger, Public Information Officer, Cook County Department of Public Health.

WGN has reached out to City View management for a response to union accusations. 

The Chicago Tribune reports vaccines could arrive at City View Sunday. 

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